Scam Callers & Emails

Scam Callers

Beware of scam callers claiming to be SVM Ireland or offering to buy your shares in our funds at very high premiums

It has come to our attention that a number of investors have been called by people claiming to be working for SVM Ireland in Dublin and using our FCA number.

Investors have also received calls from companies and persons unknown to us, offering to buy the shares you hold in our funds at unrealistic prices hoping that you will pay them a fee for acting for you (that you will never recover).

These people have nothing to do with us or our subsidiary company SVM Ireland Limited. These people will only be calling you for fraudulent purposes and to try to take money from you.

We strongly advise you not to have anything to do with such callers and not to send them any money to them or their nominees as you are unlikely to get anything back. Always check the FCA website (see link below) to ensure the person or company you are dealing with is an FCA approved person and call the number shown on the FCA website to check if you are not sure.

We have reported this scam to the FCA and the regulatory authorities and would ask all our investors to be on their guard.

Scam Emails

It has come to our attention that fraudsters are contacting members of the public purporting to be employees of SVM Asset Management Limited offering a proposal to review. Please be aware that this is a phising attempt and the attachment should not be opened and no links should be clicked on in these emails under any circumstances. Please do not share your personal information. These emails are not from SVM Asset Management Limited.

We would not contact you by email regarding your account or offer any services to you by email or by phone.

Please be on the lookout for unexpected communications purporting to be from us. If you are unsure, do not share your personal information or send money and contact us for confirmation.