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SVM Asset Management Limited
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SVM UK Emerging Fund plc

Tel: 0870 707 1328


We aim to always provide products and services that meet your needs and hold ourselves and our service providers to high standards. However, we realise there could be times when you may want to complain about an aspect of our work. If you are at all unhappy regarding the level of service, you receive from us, or our service providers please let us know so that we can take steps to investigate and resolve the matter as soon as we can.
You can call our Client Services on 0345 066 1110 (or from outside of the UK +44 1268 447 417).
Alternatively, you can write to us with your complaint at SVM Asset Management Ltd , PO Box 11967, Chelmsford, CM99 2DS.

For more information please read our Complaints Handling Procedure guide.

Calls to the 0345 066 1110 number are at a standard call rate; calls to the 0800 0199 110 are free. These charges may change for mobile phone calls, depending on your provider.