SVM Asset Management

SVM was established in 1990 on a straightforward premise: We wanted to create an environment where talented investment professionals would have the flexibility to run funds to the best of their ability. This means providing a culture in which good ideas can flourish and where rigorous analytical thinking is prized.

We are a specialist, focusing our expertise on UK, European and Global equities. Our portfolios are unconstrained, concentrated and high conviction. Stock-picking is our business.

Our structure gives us the agility to buy the best opportunities and sell when the potential has been reached. Every strategy has an optimum capacity.

There is considerable difference between a world class business and a world class stock. A good stock is where the share price does not recognise the true value. As stockpickers, our analysis is focused on the key drivers that will move a company’s share price.

The insight we gain from company meetings is vital to our process. As a major European financial centre, Edinburgh gives us exceptional access to visiting corporate executives.

Risk Management

Success in running concentrated portfolios requires rigorous risk management processes. At a stock level, the first line of defence is the quality of our analysis. In addition we operate minimum liquidity limits and portfolios are carefully diversified.

SVM is lean, adaptable and intellectually rigorous. We believe our clients reap the benefits from that.


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Professional Adviser

Institutional Investor

SVM recently made the top 10 in FundCalibre's annual Fund Management Equity Index ranking 10th out of 79 groups. This ranking was based on the performance of the SVM Investment Fund range.

This group is rated for equities by FundCalibre, for more information go to FundCalibre.